Topmount sink KN8250TD

Full set with Siphon

10,160,000 VNĐ

Topmount Series is a new product line manufactured in crafts. The strainer is designed smartly with 03 anti-odor and anti-clogging layers.

The back of the sink is customized with a premium soundproofing structure that extra-thick synthetic rubber of 3mm.

Kitchen sink, which uses stoneguard coating at the back, limits reverse osmosis and safe for the kitchen counter.

Model KN8250TD belongs to the Topmount Series product collection. Sinks are manufactured by crafts technology with standard thickness, large and deep bowls which increase the operating area.  The versatile dual bowl design with a big and a small hole for flexibly choosing the pit in order to be water-saving and more efficient. The impression of the Model KN8250TD is an integrated ledge detail that integrates the wooden cutting board and roll mat, which allows the user to cut cookware right on the sink surface, creating a new experience and unique utility. Model KN8250TD suit for an 800mm kitchen counter hole and to be a full-service prep station in a modern kitchen.


  • Chậu rửa bát Worksation Sink - Topmount Sink KN8250TD thông số kỹ thuật
  • Chậu rửa bát Workstation Sink Topmount Sink KN8250TD và phụ kiện
  • chậu rửa bát 2 hố lắp dương Konox KN8250TD


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Full set with Siphon

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