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Where can customers refer to actual products?

Customers can view products at genuine Konox distributors nationwide. Customers in Hanoi can visit Konox’s showroom: No. 22 Le Trong Tan, Phuong Mai Ward, Thanh Xuan District, City. Hanoi.

The price of Konox kitchen sinks and faucets compared to other products on the market

Konox kitchen sinks and faucets have the most reasonable price with the best quality as others in the same segments.

Where can I buy konox products?

Konox has more than 200 distributors throughout the country. Customers can easily find and buy at distributors in their city

What are the advantages of Konox kitchen sinks?

Inox 304 AISI European standard: 100% product is made from AISI 304 Stainless Steel with a standard thickness of 1.2-1.5 + 4.5 mm

3 layer strainer, Nano coating drain system: Nano coating drain with Hyperkilamic antibacterial technology helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The design of 3 layer strainer resists odors and prevents clogging effectively

High-grade soundproofing structure: soundproofing structure made of high-grade 3mm thickness rubber is very effective in reducing noise, limiting flaking and separation that causes harmful odors to health.

Stoneguard coating: Limiting water condensation on the back of the sink in the condition of temperature difference between inside and outside as well as when the weather is humid. This Coating technology reduce mold on the back sink effectively

Easy to clean: The R15 corner makes it easy for users to clean and scour in the basin

Anti-stick surface: The kitchen sink surface is hand-polished and has a smooth treatment so that it is resistant to oil adhesiom, and keep the stainless steel color always bright

What about the quality of Konox kitchen faucets?
  • Equipped with 02 functions spray: Shower spray mode, Anti-shot bubble mode based on NEOPERL AG
  • ComfortZone Pull-out Function: The faucet could be extended up to 76cm to make cleaning around the sink, and washing vegetables easier.
  • Saving 40% water: By pushing 30% air into the water flow, It is an efficient effort to save water, reduce splash.
  • Copper material according to European standards: By using copper alloy according to CW617N European standards, Konox product surface maintains polished and high – tensile color.
  • 000 times on-off: Outstanding durability with a hot and cold-core based on SEDAN.
  • Hot and cold supply cord Switzerland: The Supply cord directly imported from NEOPERL AG which is anti-twisting, maximum heat-resistant, and high durability.
What about the warranty of Konox products ?

With any technical problems, please contact us for assistance.

  • 10 years warranty for Konox sinks and 1-for-1 replacement is only valid once within the 7 days device warranty.
  • 5 years warranty for Konox Faucets and 1-for-1 replacement is only valid once within the 7 days device warranty.
  • 24 – month warranty for accessories: kitchen hoses, pipe drain, other accessories
4. What should I do to become a Konox distributor?

Please refer to information about becoming a Konox genuine agent here